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About the artist

About the artist behind Silver Rune Crafts

Hi! I’m Leigh, a 30-something Seeker from Belgium. I love figuring out something new and tinkering on something to create a beautiful, unique product.

Crafting and DIY have been a part of me my entire life. As a kid I was making all sorts of shit; earrings from used wrapping paper, crappy wax sheet candles, the ugliest bead bracelets…

When I was 8 I sold my woolen braids as bracelets and hair accessories to all the girls in the neighbourhood. My mom didn’t want me asking money for “that crap”. LOL! It’s not like I asked a lot though, only 20 B-francs per braid! Can’t stop an entrepreneur, mom!

Since then, I’ve tried a bunch of different professions, but let’s fast forward to 2020. This is the year I finally create the brand of my dreams: Silver Rune Crafts. It resonates with my heart and soul, and hopefully yours too!

With Silver Rune Crafts I bring you beautiful items to adorn yourself and your home. It’s the culmination of all my creative juices. If you’re looking for one of a kind handcrafted silver jewellery, colza wax candles or all sorts of Earth’s beauties like crystals and skulls, look no further!

Now, treat yourself with some magic and start browsing all the Silver Rune Crafts beauties.

Silver Rune Crafts - Leigh, The Artist

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