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Candle care instructions

Candle care instructions

It is crucial that you treat your Silver Rune candle with the love and respect it deserves. You could just burn your candle like a regular person, but you are special and so is your candle. Maximize your Silver Rune candle’s lifespan and get the most out of it with these candle care instructions.

The first time

Let your candle burn long enough the first time you light it. This helps prevent tunneling.

Here’s a guide for Silver Rune candles:

Extra large4 hours
Medium4 hours
Small square2,5 hours
Small round2 hours
Tealight1 hour

No more

It is advised to burn a candle no more than 4 hours at a time. Your candle will burn cleaner and longer this way. In reality it’s that you should trim the wick every 4 hours to get the best and cleanest burn. Do put out the flame before trimming the wick, thank you.

I know life happens and gets in the way sometimes, so don’t worry, Silver Rune candles are safe and have all been tested through power burns of over 12 hours.


The small candles have crystal chips imbedded. You can leave these in as you use your candle. The XL candles also have large crystals imbedded. Remove these with tweezers before you use your candle, or at the latest after you burn it for the first time and while the wax is still liquid. Remove residue wax from the crystals with a damp cloth. Do not rinse the wax off in your sink.

Dried flowers
The Lavender Crystals XL candles have dried lavender in them. You can leave these dried petals in the candle wax while you use your candle.

Cinnamon sticks
The Cinnamon Dreams and Cinnamon Juice XL candles have cinnamon sticks inside the wax. Remove these from your candle no later than when the candle is halfway burned.

Dried orange slices
The Cinnamon Juice XL candle has dried orange slices imbedded between the cinnamon sticks. Remove the orange slices before you use your candle.

Hot hot hot

The glass will get hot, so don’t put your candle directly on surfaces that aren’t heat resistant. Use a small dish, plate or even a piece of cardboard as a buffer.

Safety first

Here are a couple of things that go without saying, but I’ll say them anyway:
• Don’t leave your burning candle unattended. Even your super safe Silver Rune candle.
Always burn candles away from drafts, (other) heat sources or flammable objects.
Keep curious pets and children away from the burning candle.


Did you know there’s a best practice for extinguishing the flame of your candle? It’s not blowing out the flame. Blowing out the flame creates soot and smelly smoke. Instead of having a nice scented room from your amazing candle, you now have a smokey room. The best way to extinguish the flame is to take away the oxygen from the flame. You can do this with a fancy candle snuffer or a simple spoon.


After you extinguish the flame, you should realign the wick to the center of the candle. You can do this with the back of a match or your snuffer spoon. Realigning the wick helps your candle burn evenly and for its full life cycle. It also prevents the wick from shifting towards the side and blackening the glass.


Make sure to trim the wick of your candle to about 6mm before each burn. This way the candle won’t burn the cotton of the wick, which prevents smoke, soot and blackening of the glass.

By trimming the wick correctly before each burn, you will also get the best hot throw. This means you will smell most of the candle’s fragrance while it burns.

You can trim the wick with a fancy wick trimmer or a simple pair of scissors.

The end

Your candle will self extinguish once all of the wax is used up. Don’t throw away the glass, you can repurpose the container, as a tealight holder for example. Clean out the remaining wax with paper towels and remove the wick tab with a plier.


The most important instruction I have for you is to enjoy your candle. Do let me know if you did! (Or even if you didn’t. All feedback is welcome.)

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