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Lava stone tumbled stone / cuddle stone / perfume stone


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Size: +/- 1,5 cm to 3 cm.

Price is for 1 stone.

Lava stone solidifies from molten lava. It is also called Basalt and Lava rock. Lava stone is a perfume stone, meaning the stone easily absorbs and retains scent.

It is believed that Lava stone gives strength, courage and stability to get through change.

Lava stone is associated with Earth, Taurus and Cancer and the Base chakra.

Interior deoration tip: Make a perfume stone dish by placing some lava stone tumblestones in a shallow plate. Drop some perfume or essential oil on the perfume stones to perfume a living room.

A tumbled stone or tumblestone is also called a cuddle or cuddly stone, because it is so soft and therefore nice to cuddle. It’s also small enough to easily carry around in your pocket or purse.


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