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Silver Rune candles are made with colza wax, also known as rapeseed wax, but for obvious reasons I use the name colza wax 😉 Colza wax candles are a biological and healthier alternative to paraffin candles, and a more sustainable alternative to soy candles.

Why I work with colza wax
I’m located in Europe (Belgium to be precise), and that is the reason why I chose to work with colza wax instead of any other vegetable wax.

Rapeseed grows all over Europe, especially in France and Great Britain. It’s the second most sustainable choice for the European candle maker, with beeswax being number one. I contemplated making beeswax candles first, but beeswax wasn’t the right fit for the kind of candles I wanted to make.

Why not paraffin?
The main reason is, of course, that paraffin is carcinogenic. Paraffin is prepared from petroleum. Even the purest form of paraffin, which is used for candles, still contains petroleum.

Anyone who burns paraffin candles will notice that curtains, windows and ventilation systems, among other things, have acquired a greasy layer on the surface. Similar to the skin of an apple from the supermarket, which has also been given a layer of paraffin wax.

Natural waxes, such as rapeseed wax, burn cleaner than paraffin, because they do not leave behind this greasy film, for example. They also emit less soot. In addition, candles with natural wax burn up to 50% longer.

Why not soy
Most bio candles are made of soy wax. Soy is very popular, especially amongst vegetarians and vegans. Soy is an important source of protein and energy. It’s widely used to feed animals, and it’s of course used in all kinds of food for us humans. However, soy at this moment sadly isn’t a good choice for the environment.

Soy grows best in tropical climates, which is why soybean plantations are built in South- and Middle-America. For this to be possible, forest (including rainforest), meadows and savanna have to give way to soy. Already over 115 million hectares of land filled with natural biotopes have been removed for soy cultivation, leaving animals homeless. It’s expected to have doubled by 2050.

Not only the destruction of forests and savanna is bad for our carbon footprint, but also the journey that soy has to make from America to Europe.

A well-thought-out decision
By buying a Silver Rune candle you make a sustainable and measured choice for the environment and your health.

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